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Dre, pass the glock. Kick in the door. I look on the floor. It’s my little cousin Daz and he’s fuckin my ho. Yo. I uncock my shit. I’m heatbroke. But I’m still loc’ed. Man.

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Once you get this you have to say five things that you like about yourself, then send this to ten of your favorite followers :)



  1. I like that my interests are diverse. I like arts and sciences, I’m a premed student who studies a lot but also makes quilts and…

Oh whaaa?? Thanks for the tag, science of uncertainty. I’m honored to be one of your ten favorite followers. I guess I’ll do this. I’m always reticent to share things I like about myself (seems like bragging), which is why I struggle a lot with personal statements and interviews etc… but this seems less like bragging and more like a positive mental exercise, so I suppose it couldn’t hurt. Without further ado:

1. I consider myself to be a very loyal friend, and I like that about me.
2. I like that I can beat the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time without google. Shit’s hard. And it’s nice to have something I think I could do better than the brightest people in my class, no matter how insignificant.
3. I like my marvel heroes scrubs.
4. I like that I am open minded.
5. I like turtles.
(Couldn’t resist)

I’ll tag a few people. Don’t feel compelled, obviously. Plus whoever else wants to. modernathena90 lindsaytheamazing pleasedotheneedful captainmudphud ninjatengu medschool-monarchess mademoisellepremed fourfortyfivenm coffeemuggermd wayfaringmd medicalmysterytour


Do your guys’ professors use the word “cartoon” to describe a drawing? And is this normal? One of my undergrad professors used to do it too, but I thought it was just him. Now all of my professors do it. Am I the only one that’s like, ‘wtf that’s not a cartoon?’

Not a cartoon:

A cartoon:

why not derm

mademoisellepremed replied to your post:Today in lab I knew exactly which nerves were…

Why not derm?

Well, I’m sort of a crusty hipster, at least on the inside, and I resent derm because it’s lucrative. If medicine is Metallica, then primary care is Master of Puppets and derm is the Black Album. That means Death Magentic is plastic surgery, probably. But you probably don’t care for the Metallica metaphors, Mlle. Premed. Bascially:

This is all in good spirit, of course. I have mad respect for all types of medicine (except for podiatrists, the filthy perverts) dermatologists and plastic surgeons have to be very competitive and can do things to help people that no other doctors can. Just not for me. (And in my original post I nixed gerontology from my list, because of personal reasons Alzheimer’s is just too upsetting to me).

Today in lab I knew exactly which nerves were postganglionic vs preganglionic sympathetics. My friends were all impressed. For a moment I was like, “Damn, how do I know that?… Maybe it’s my calling!?! Maybe I should be a neurologist.” And for a passing moment considered it with complete dead-eyed seriousness. And then I realized I only knew all of that because of a super helpful youtube video (it definitely wasn’t that study guide I made):

Meanwhile, guess I’m back to “Not gerontology.” It’s foolish to think I’ll be good at one thing. And even more foolish to think I could pick a specialty not even two months in. It would just be nice to know, though. I guess my plan is to see which residents seem happiest and then do what they do. As long as that’s not derm. Oo! Add that to the list. Not gerontology and not derm. Alright. Getting closer.


Y’alls comments on all my rude messages are cracking me up!!

Haters beware: even if my response is nice, my medblr buddies are ruthless and funny.