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play the gif in reverse for benjamin button spoilers

play the gif in reverse for benjamin button spoilers

It’s been two months now, and I really expected to observe something insightful about either standard American medical pedagogy or its interaction w/ the human condition to share with you all in a long eloquent post in hopes of proving that I am capable of such things—that I’m not just limited to the regurgitation of gifs and otiose humor (opposed to humor that might be ripe with insight like satire (not typically found on this blog))—and to justify your following of this blog. However, I’m not sure I have any unique insight yet. This is partially because so many medblrs are articulate and thoughtful and have done such a thorough job of describing the common aspects of the experience already, and partially because, at least for me, learning anatomy is repetition of facts ad nauseum until memorization, which is not conducive to critical thinking. I won’t go as far as to say I have gotten dumber, but one pitfall of anatomy is starting to mix up right and left. So there’s that.

In a mandatory Dean’s Hour today my class was surveyed about whether we thought medical school was better, worse, or what we expected. If I could answer that question to my own satisfaction then I wouldn’t be in med school, I would probably be writing novels. Suffice to say that asking for a show of hands falls infuriatingly short of saying anything of substance at all, and not just because the question itself is rather ambiguous.

Anyway, I think it’s important to ask ourselves why we are on social media like facebook or tumblr and what we want out of it—not to just indiscriminately fill the void with ‘me’ because that kind of behavior only begets more of itself and never leads to lasting satisfaction. I hope to one day articulately answer the dean’s aforementioned question, but until then I hope to at least share amusement with some of you. So, here’s this:

(this gif doesn’t have much to do with actual med school but it probably sums up medblrs in a nut shell (which maybe indirectly says something about med school (like we all must be nuts (hence the shells?))))

Anonymous asked: I need some advice. My dad doesn't approve of me being a bio/pre-med major because he just assumes that I can't make it into medical school. It's really discouraging that my dad thinks this because I am so passionate about medicine, and I've had my mind on medical school since I was in high school.




Ok, first off, that is some bullshit right there. Something similar happened to me.

When I was 19 and got the urge to go to med school literally out of nowhere and told my then-fiance (ps- don’t get engaged before you turn 21, it’s just a terrible idea 99% of the time) and he told me I wasn’t smart enough. Then he dumped me. So I showed him, and what started as a mission of vengeance became a mission of holy-crap-this-is-awesome-and-I-love-it. 

I’m really sorry your Dad is being an unsupportive jerk. It’s a terrible feeling. But instead of letting it get you down and keep you from your dream, use it as rage fuel. When you feel like quitting, imagine your Dad saying “I knew it,” AND GET MAD AND FUCKING SHOW HIM HOW TOTALLY SMART AND BADASS YOU ARE.

Find a new support system, people who believe in you and will encourage you when you’re feeling down. Use that quiet inner strength we all have, that part of us that keeps going when everyone around says to quit. You got this. 

Not sure how you feel about pink, but I suggest channeling my spirit animal, Elle Woods. 

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST. ”rage fuel” and “don’t get engaged before 21” and “spirit animal Elle Woods” and just HECK YES.

Ladies, you go. You STEMI it up and you become some sassy smart doctors. Because you can. Engineers and doctors and mad, mad scientists. You ARE smart enough and nobody can hold you back EXCEPT YOURSELF.

Let’s be serious- no one knows you like you know yourself. If anyone presumes to know you and your abilities better than you do, you Hulk-smash the shit out of their expectations and do what you love. Because honey, nothing feels better than being yourself, doing what you love, and being happy- except proving someone wrong along the way. (take that, abusive ex who told me and all our mutual friends I was too dumb to get into med school!).

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